House Folding to Senate Shutdown


This morning, Tea Party Patriots criticized the Senate deal being brokered by Senator Reid (D-NV) and Senator McConnell (R-KY) as a tactical rout for fiscal conservatives in exchange for $21 billion in spending cuts.

Now the House is set to largely cave:

Does John Boehner have a card left to play? Faced with an angry group of Tea Party members in his caucus over the deal floating in the Senate, Boehner told House Republicans that he will move a new bill to the floor today for a vote.

The details appear to be better than the Senate’s outline, but not by much:

The debt ceiling is raised until February, and a CR lasting until January is passed. The Treasury’s “extraordinary measures” are removed as an option for the debt ceiling.

The medical device tax is repealed – as we pointed out this morning, a boon to lobbyists and something both parties support. This isn’t something to brag about.

Income verification and the Vitter Amendment to repeal Congress’ exemption is included – but both of those were part of the original Obamacare regulatory language. The President unilaterally changed both. Adding them back in is good, but not a victory for opponents of Obamacare.

The President will be forced to sign up for Obamacare. A good public relations move, but worthless from a policy perspective.

There is no deal for unions, one of the few real differences in the House plan.

There has been no mention of keeping spending at sequestration’s levels, which was the only meaningful part of the Senate deal.

If the Senate deal ranks at a 5 out of 100, the House deal might be a 15. Both, however, fail the test of delaying or defunding Obamacare. This deal means, once again, the House is giving in to the Senate and White House.

Some will claim this is a victory for the House, since the President said he’d not negotiate, and now he is. That line may work well at happy hour in the Beltway, but it does nothing for the American people. We the People need results, not Pyrrhic victories.