House Can’t Trust Obama’s Unilateral Presidency

A couple of weeks ago, Tea Party Patriots praised Laura Ingraham for holding Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) accountable on his contradictions regarding immigration reform:

Ingraham raked him over the coals, pointing out that any conference bill will likely end up being Senate-dominated conference legislation. Furthermore, shortly after Senator Cornyn called President Obama “lawless,” Ingraham reminded him that making any sort of new law would be subject to the President’s arbitrary lawmaking.

The Senator said the alternative is the status quo which “is terrible.” Ingraham agreed, then compared going to conference to meeting with the Mafia. Senator Cornyn defended his confidence that we shouldn’t “give up” on Congress doing its job, or on an “independent judiciary.” He followed this up by saying such an accountability process could take years, all but admitting such a process is greatly flawed, given this President’s kingly wand.

Ironically, the next day President Obama gave another example kingly wand waiving. As explained at Heritage’s blog:

Last week, the Obama Administration issued the latest in a line of policy directives granting amnesty by default. This latest directive instructs Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials not to enforce immigration laws in cases where an illegal alien is the primary provider for any minor child—regardless of the child’s immigration status—or the parent or guardian of a child who is a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident.

So let’s get this straight:

Democratic leaders in the House and Senate want Republicans to pass amnesty into law.
House Republican leaders want to pass a law that’s tougher than what passed the Senate.
It’s clear to most observers that any conference between the chambers would produce a bill much like the Senate’s amnesty bill, regardless of what the House passed.
No matter what Congress does, the President is going to ignore statutory law, even though the D.C. Federal Court of Appeals recently ruled against his attempts at dictatorial action with regards to Yucca Mountain and nuclear waste.
The Senate and President have given Republicans no reason to trust they are negotiating in good faith.
Since they are not negotiating in good faith, why should the House engage in this mockery of public debate?

What say you, Patriots? In this last week of Congress’ August recess, remind your Members that the President is not acting in good faith or within the rule of law, and therefore the House should stop all debate on amnesty and immigration reform.