Hillary Clinton opened State Department office to donors, fundraisers

Hillary Clinton used her State Department office to meet with corporate Clinton Foundation donors, Clinton campaign loyalists and Democratic party fundraisers, according to official calendars obtained by the Associated Press.

Fox News has the details:

Those formally scheduled meetings involved heads of companies and organizations that pursued business or private interests with the Obama administration, including with the State Department while Clinton was in charge.

The AP found no evidence of legal or ethical conflicts in Clinton’s meetings in its examination of 1,294 pages from the calendars. Her sit-downs with business leaders were not unique among recent secretaries of state, who sometimes summoned corporate executives to aid in international affairs, documents show.

But the difference with Clinton’s meetings was that she was a 2008 presidential contender who was widely expected to run again in 2016. Her availability to luminaries from politics, business and charity shows the extent to which her office became a sounding board for their interests. And her ties with so many familiar faces from those intersecting worlds were complicated by their lucrative financial largess and political support over the years –even during her State Department tenure – to her campaigns, her husband’s and to her family’s foundation.

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