HHS Secretary thinks the American people are stoopid

With October 1 coming up soon and much of Obamacare well behind schedule, and Congressional Democrats are rightly worried for their political lives. The complexity of the law doesn’t help, and is leaving House Democrats complaining like scared children:

Congressional Democrats told Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Wednesday that Americans are still very confused about the health care law — including older people who worry that Obamacare will change their Medicare.

Sebelius went to the Hill for another update with Democrats on Obamacare rollout. HHS this week overhauled its website, focusing more on the exchange enrollment, which starts Oct. 1.

Some of the concerns constituents are bringing relate to Medicare, insurance coverage for farm workers, and people wondering if they will lose their own coverage. According to Sebelius, many of these people aren’t really losing their coverage:

But lawmakers said that Sebelius’s main message was the importance of countering false notions about the law that are prevailing around the country — and doing it at a grass-roots level. She told lawmakers not to worry when they read media accounts about people losing their health coverage, said Rep. Tony Cárdenas (D-Calif.).

“There are articles here and there in newspapers talking about people who lost their coverage, … but the assurance she’s been giving us is a lot of those are probably pre-anticipations, and a lot of those are going to be unfounded if they just take a deep breath,” he said.

This makes sense. Who are you going to believe – average Americans somehow lying to themselves about losing coverage because they’re too stoopid to know they’re still covered, or the head of Obamacare, who tried to avoid taxes and lied about abortion funding in the law?

Plus, hey, she’s one of the most powerful bureaucrats in the nation. I’m sure she knows exactly what’s going on in little towns across the country, to all of us little people. Maybe that’s what the NSA has been tracking…