Implosion Forces Obamacare Mandate Delay


That didn’t take long – the Administration is delaying the date by which individuals must have health insurance by six weeks:

NBC News reporter Tom Costello delivered the details to Williams. “The White House tells NBC News it plans to move the deadline for individuals to be required to buy health insurance by as much as six weeks,” Costello said. “As the law stands now, to avoid a tax penalty the uninsured need to start the process by February 15th. With this change the administration is trying to allow people to start the enrollment process by March 31st to avoid any financial penalty.”

Barely three weeks into the official launch of Obamacare and the Administration is already decreeing another delay of this train wreck law.

The Administration is so desperate to fix the dysfunctional program it’s bringing in the insurance industry to help fix things. Meanwhile, Democratic Senators are starting to fall like flies, as endangered Mark Pryor of Arkansas suddenly declared his support for delaying the mandate.

Progressives appear caught off guard by the magnitude of Obamacare’s failure. Now that warnings of the Tea Party, Republicans and fiscal conservatives in general have been vindicated, steps can be taken to avoid further damage to our economy and healthcare system. Obamacare is unworkable, and should be repealed without further delay.