Health Care Coverage Cause of Death – Massive Internal Hemorrhage from Blunt Force Policy


A single mother comes home from her part time job as a school bus driver, carrying a child on her hip and mail wedged under her arm. She hears an old man cough through the thin apartment walls and a kettle whistle from upstairs. With tired arms she puts down the toddler on a dining chair, the mail on the kitchen counter. The pantry is almost bare as her bank account but she manages a triple deck peanut butter and jelly sandwich. After dinner, she gives the child a bath while she tackles the pile of mail. It looks so innocent, the envelope from Blue Cross/Blue Shield. When she reads the first paragraph, her hands begin to shake.

“Due to costs incurred from the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) the premiums for your plan will experience an increase of 200% while your deductible will be $5000…”

She can’t even read the rest.

This scene and countless others like it happen every day in America and by all accounts, will continue to happen. The very class of people who were so impoverished they couldn’t help themselves now have more company in the welfare line than they know what to do with. The idea to force 15 million uninsured people to purchase medical insurance has bought us increased insurance rates, astronomical deductibles, and substantial reduction in benefits. As the nation shakes the Magic 8 Ball, the answer comes up the same every time – Outlook Not Good.

William Kintner of Fremont, California oversees a small private school.

“In anticipation of the added expense of Obamacare our insurance rates have increase so much the last 4 years that I have not been able to give our staff a raise these 4 years. I also have lost students from parents that have had their hours cut back in large measure to this economy and Obamacare. This has left us a deficit in our budget of 49 thousand dollars. This leaves me with the dilemma of closing our school and having 8 workers lose their jobs or laying off one staff person to survive.”

The 2012 campaign trail chant of “Four more years” sounds very different now.

Everywhere we turn the carnage of Obamacare sweeps across both employer and employee alike, devouring all in its path. Katy Fenber of Decatur, Georgia is an employer who no matter how hard she tries, can’t find the phrase “keep your plan” written anywhere on her insurance policy.

“I am an employer and my group medical insurance went UP 60.1% August 1,2013. Last year we weren’t allowed to keep our original plan and switched to a higher deductible and now the premium has more than doubled…I can’t raise my prices to pass along this increase, my employees can’t afford to increase their contribution, so right now I have less income to put back into my business, can’t hire an additional employees and my take home is less (ie: I won’t be spending/buying as much-sorry vendors, various stores and travel industry – it’s not by choice.”

Health care coverage may soon have its own cause of death – Massive internal hemorrhage caused by blunt force policies.