Harry Reid Taking Government Hostage for Political Gain


A little over two hours ago, the Senate came back to Washington after going home on Friday. Yes, you read that correctly: The Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), chose to send his chamber home for the weekend rather than work on avoiding a government shutdown.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives voted Saturday to delay Obamacare, fund the military, and repeal the medical device tax. Last week, Senate Majority Leader Reid ended Senator Ted Cruz’s filibuster on the grounds that “every minute we waste here is another minute the American people can’t wait for.”

If that statement wasn’t blatantly false, Reid would have immediately considered the second House Continuing Resolution for a vote. Instead, keeping with his ideologically-based intention to shut the government down, Reid avoided considering the House’s bill until 2:00 today – 10 hours before the government shuts down from lack of funding.

Reid’s intent to hold the government hostage for political points has been plainly visible for some time. Consider that:

For all Reid’s convenient urgency last week, he is again abandoning his duty to properly consider legislation. This does not come as a surprise;  the Senate spent four years ignoring its legal duty to pass a budget for political manipulation.

This maneuver is no different, since Reid is acting on the narrative so aggressively pushed by the mainstream media: That the American people will blame Republicans for any partial government shutdown.

The House has done everything legally within their power to fund the government, while implementing the will of the people. Any blame for a government shutdown belongs on Majority Leader Reid for utter and complete dysfunction of the federal government. He has taken our government hostage, hoping to trade it for his political gain.

America doesn’t agree, and shouldn’t capitulate.