Government, You Had One Job


Over at CNN comes an articulate argument for a taxpayer refund in a time of a partial government shutdown:

If we had paid for an airline ticket, and in the middle of our trip the airline informed us that one leg of our journey had been canceled, we would justifiably demand a refund.

If we ordered an annual subscription to 52 weeks of a magazine, and then, a few months into it, the magazine told us that its new policy was to publish only 26 issues a year, we would, with good reason, ask for half of our money back.

If we paid for a one-year membership in a health club, and the club announced that it would have to close for repairs for three months, we would expect a 25% refund.

So … exactly when can we expect to see our refund checks from the federal government?

We have paid for it to operate.

Bob Greene, closes with this devastating reminder of the state of America – which many in the Beltway tend to forget:

Congress and the White House might hear this request and say: That’s preposterous. The government is hurting for funds — it needs the money.

Well, many of the people who pay for the government to run are hurting for funds, too. They need the money, too.

The government…is expected to do one thing:

Open its doors each morning.

When it doesn’t, the people who paid for it to do just that have a right to propose that they are owed — for services not rendered — their money back.

What do you think, Patriots? Should the American taxpayers get their forced investment in the American government back? Byron York reports the “shutdown” affects 17% of the federal government. If 17% of the federal government is shut down for a month – approximately one-twelfth of the fiscal year – this would end up being a $49.6 billion refund.

There are a lot of middle-class taxpayers who could do quite a bit with their share of that money.

Perhaps they could pay for their healthcare? D.C. keeps telling us that’s a problem.