GOP Establishment Batting for Obamacare


In his new leadership memo, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) gave the grassroots of America no sign that he heard us in August – he is still planning on funding Obamacare.

From the memo:

As the Speaker outlined in July, the House will hold a series of strategic votes throughout the fall to dismantle, defund, and delay Obamacare. The coalition supporting Obamacare cracks when forced to vote on the most unpopular aspects of the law. Remember, we have successfully forced the president to sign seven bills into law that either repeal parts of or significantly reduce spending on his signature law. And earlier this summer, 22 and 35 House Democrats voted to delay the individual and employee mandates, respectively.

We have seen in recent months that Obamacare is unworkable as the administration has missed half the deadlines in the law, according to a report published by CRS.  Most recently, the administration has delayed the mandate on insurance companies that caps out-of-pocket insurance costs.  As the October 1st implementation approaches, we will continue to pursue the strategy of systematically derailing this train wreck and replacing it with a patient-centered system which removes Washington from health care decisions.

If the law is so unworkable and unpopular, and has been partially delayed or repealed already, why stop with strategic votes, Leader Cantor? Your backdoor approach to repealing Obamacare will only help after it’s implemented.

Your plan drags the American people down with the law, as opposed to seeing relief before it is fully enacted.

The memo is no more optimistic on the actual Continuing Resolution itself:

As the new fiscal year begins at the end of the month we find ourselves needing a short-term CR due to the Senate’s failure to pass even a single appropriations bill. Enactment of a CR at sequester levels would contain $64 billion in less spending compared to the current funding levels President Obama signed into law a mere five months ago. In signing a CR at sequester levels, the President would be endorsing a level of spending that wipes away all the increases he and Congressional Democrats made while they were in charge and returns us to a pre-2008 level of discretionary spending.

While the House leadership may think it deserves a cheer for holding to sequestration, keeping sequestration in place should be a no-brainer – it’s existing law, and all it does is slow the growth of spending for the next nine years. It cuts discretionary spending, but leaves mandatory spending in place – and mandatory spending is where the country will face a major crisis in the next 10 to 20 years.

No changes to mandatory spending, no delay of Obamacare, nothing controversial attached to “must-pass” bills, and a major budget gimmick that was postponed due to massive outcry from conservatives.

In short, this is a memo that prioritizes making the House look good over doing what’s necessary.

Majority Leader Cantor, you are the second-most powerful Member of the House, not an Obamacare salesman. Act like it.