Get out to vote—to avoid having another Congress like we did in 2009

Former President Obama is hitting the campaign trail all over the country, trying to rally Democrats to turn out for the midterms. The question is: Will his campaign efforts backfire on Democrats running for office? Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin appeared on Fox News regarding the issue:

Democrats may be enthused and ready for November, Republicans will be too. One thing Republicans don’t want to see is another eight years of unnecessary regulations, government control, and climbing debt. Republicans were fed up in 2016, they will march to the polls in November, and will vote to continue making America great again in 2020.
While Obama hopes that his campaign efforts will help Democrats take ahold of the House again, his efforts will serve as a reminder to Republicans and serve as a motivation to get out the vote!
As part of our process to create a phenomenal Get Out The Vote operation, we’d love to get your feedback on this super quick, 5-question survey.