Featured Member: Trumon Cooper

Meet one of the oldest Tea Party Patriots! Trumon Cooper was born in 1917, more than a year before the end of World War I. He served his country during World War II in the Air Corps, the forerunner to today’s Air Force. At 94 years old, he has never missed a Tea Party meeting. Prior to retiring, he worked as a real estate broker; he understands the depth and breadth of America’s housing crises.

Trumon never misses a Tea Party meeting, participating in the Sutter Buttes Tea Party, which has been active since September 2010. Every meeting the Sutter Buttes Tea Party can count on Trumon to sit front and center, intently listening and engaging speakers.

As an issue driven patriot, Trumon is concerned with local flood control, dams, water storage and other environmental concerns. He feels the burden of excessive environmental regulation will cripple the economy and decrease our ability to provide for ourselves. In the future, he would like to see the Tea Party influence elections. “I don’t know what will happen to this country if we don’t get Obama out of there… California is hard to crack with Pelosi and Feinstein running unchecked.”