FactCheck.org Actually Fact Checked Obamacare


Over the last year, Tea Party Patriots published quite a few critiques of the media and the liberal-leaning fact-checkers at The Washington Post and PolitiFact. In recent weeks, the media has been playing catch-up, pointing out the flaws and dishonesty of Obamacare that Tea Party Patriots has been predicting for years.

Today, FactCheck.org receives five gold stars from Tea Party Patriots for its excellent fact-checking throughout the last several years on the President’s “if you like your plan, you can keep it” lie (H/T to Hot Air):

We’ve been saying for years that President Obama was over-simplifying and over-promising when he kept saying, “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan” under the new health care law. Now reality is catching up with his political spin….

None of this should be a surprise to our readers. We’ve been writing about these issues as far back as 2009, when the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) was being debated. In an Aug. 18, 2009, item — headlined “Keep Your Own Insurance? Not Everyone” — we cited a Congressional Budget Office projection that 3 million people covered by employer-provided insurance plans under current law would not be offered coverage.

And later:

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated as far back as November 2009 that — on average — rates would go up significantly in the individual market, by 10 percent to 13 percent. We reported on that any number of times.

Furthermore, millions more who are under employer-sponsored plans are also expected to lose their current coverage and need to shift to buying coverage for themselves on the new exchanges. That’s why we listed Obama’s “you can keep your plan” refrain as one of the health care “whoppers” in 2010, one of the “Whoppers of 2012” and — just last month — one of several “Obamacare Myths.” In that last report, we noted that the grocery-store chain Trader Joe’s had already announced that it would drop health coverage for part-time workers and leave them to shop for their own policies on the new exchanges. (It will also provide them with $500 to help purchase it, as of Jan. 1, 2014.)

PolitiFact has no such record – they gave the President a Half-True for his statement on keeping insurance – and Glenn Kessler at The Washington Post is playing catch-up as much as the rest of the media, though Kessler’s assessment this week was brutally honest.

The mainstream media, FactCheck.org included, have given the President and his allies too much leeway on dishonest or misleading claims. This time, though, FactCheck.org deserves all the praise it can get from fiscal conservatives.