Example #4,812 the President isn’t Serious about America’s Debt


Fiscal conservatives across America have demanded Congress hold to the spending levels dictated by sequestration in fiscal year 2014. Others, including Tea Party Patriots, have called for sequestration-level spending in addition to demanding that Congress Exempt America from Obamacare, letting them join politically favored  interests in getting relief from the law’s regulations.

It is common knowledge President Obama has no interest in overturning his disastrous health care law.

At the White House’s press briefing on Thursday, Press Secretary Jay Carney made it clear the President doesn’t prioritize sequestration-level deficit reduction, either:

Reporter: But are current spending levels something that you would accept?

MR. CARNEY:  Again, when you’re talking about short-term extensions, we would consider a clean CR that prevents a shutdown and allows time for Congress to find a long-term solution to its budget challenges when it comes to avoiding a shutdown, but there are bigger issues that need to be resolved here, as we all know.

In the past, the White House has pretended to care about America’s growing debt by saying it wants to replace part of sequestration with tax increases. Carney’s statement indicates the President has no interest in bringing 2013 spending down to sequester-compatible levels in 2014.

No Obamacare delay and no sequestration-level spending – “hope and change” are more of the same in Washington.