Establishment Senate GOP Can’t Fund Obamacare Fast Enough


After ignoring thousands of phone calls, e-mails, and personal visits by the American people across America, the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body has reinstated funding for Obamacare’s implementation.

A few brave Republicans stood with the majority of Americans and voted to defund Obamacare. But 25 did not. Here is the list of GOP Senators who cast a vote enabling Senator Reid to fund Obamacare.

State Senator Phone Number
AK Murkowski, Lisa (202) 224-3004
AR Boozman, John (202) 224-4843
AZ McCain, John (202) 224-2235
GA Chambliss, Saxby (202) 224-3521
GA Isakson, Johnny (202) 224-3643
IL Kirk, Mark (202) 224-2854
IN Coats, Dan (202) 224-5623
KY McConnell, Mitch (202) 224-2541
ME Collins, Susan (202) 224-2523
MO Blunt, Roy (202) 224-5721
MS Cochran, Thad (202) 224-5054
MS Wicker, Roger (202) 224-6253
NC Burr, Richard (202) 224-3154
ND Hoeven, John (202) 224-2551
NE Johanns, Mike (202) 224-4224
NH Ayotte, Kelly (202) 224-3324
OK Coburn, Tom (202) 224-5754
TN Alexander, Lamar (202) 224-4944
TN Corker, Bob (202) 224-3344
TX Cornyn, John (202) 224-2934
WI Johnson, Ron (202) 224-5323
WY Barrasso, John (202) 224-6441

These Senators may try to claim that they voted against funding Obamacare. They are technically correct, as by the time that specific vote was cast, the threshold for passage had been lowered from 60 to 51 votes. The Senators above joined Majority Leader Reid in lowering that threshold. When America needed these Senators to stand strong, they sided with Obamacare.

America, make sure they know what you think about their abandonment.