Ernest Istook on free speech, and the government’s attempt to regulate the internet

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Former Congressman and current Tea Party Patriots board member Ernest Istook published a new op-ed in the Washington Times this week about the Obama Administration’s attempt to regulate the internet, and by extension, free speech.

Writes Istook:

Government never admits that it wants to control you. Instead, it claims it wants to protect you. But if the bureaucrats control what you say, they control what you know. And if they control what you know, they control what you do.

So you get sucked into The Blob.

One example is the Federal Election Commission. It’s proposed that we allow the FEC to regulate political speech on the Internet.

That surprises people who believe it’s only the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) that threatens to control the internet, concealed behind the innocent-sounding phrase “net neutrality.” But this is about the FEC, and the move is concealed behind the phrase of regulating “electioneering.”

The whole thing is definitely worth a read, and can be found here.