Enrollment delay just the latest in a string of Obamacare glitches

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Yesterday, the Obama Administration once again made a unilateral decision to extend the March 31 deadline for Americans to enroll in Obamacare. [1]  The new rules will supposedly allow those who have started the enrollment process on HealthCare.gov but have not finished, to have until mid-April to ask for an extension.  All one has to do is check a blue box on the website to indicate they tried to enroll before the deadline.


The administration is calling it an “honor system.”  No effort will be made to determine if Americans who check that blue box are actually telling the truth.  Setting aside the giant probability of perpetual fraud in such a system, could this health care law become any more of a disaster?


First, it was rammed through Congress without any bipartisan support, “understood” only by the very few who took the time to actually read the massive document, assuming anyone actually did so.  The rollout of Healthcare.gov has been even messier than the legislation’s passage through Congress, though. Numerous glitches in the website prevented people from enrolling. The administration offered excuse after excuse, despite the fact that $400 million and years of planning were supposed to prepare them for that very moment.


This latest delay comes even after administration officials promised the March 31 deadline was a firm one.  The announcement begs the question: how are the American people supposed to trust the federal government to operate a health care system when it can’t even stick to its own legally mandated timeline?  Moreover, how are the American people supposed to trust a government that won’t fully publicize how many have actually signed up for coverage?


Since the enrollment period began last October, the government has been running a public relations campaign, aimed at convincing Americans (especially young people) to sign up for insurance through Healthcare.gov.


The administration has said 5.2 million people have selected plans through Healthcare.gov, but that doesn’t specify how many people have actually completed the process (though new evidence suggests HHS Secretary Kathleen Seblius just in her disclosures [2] ). That, along with this latest delay, is just another example of how this administration has botched government-run health care.


Just maybe, it’s worth pointing out that healthcare isn’t something the government should be running in the first place.