You Had Enough?

Adversity reveals character, and for Speaker Boehner who became unhinged over conservatives’ criticism of the bipartisan budget deal, it also revealed his principles. Lashing out at those who dared to call for less spending, the Speaker uttered the unthinkable during a press conference, “Frankly I think they’re misleading their followers. I think they’re pushing our members in places where they don’t want to be. And frankly I just think they’ve lost all credibility.”

The airing of his grievances elicited reactions from conservatives across the nation, including Connie, co-leader of North Orange County Conservative Coalition.

“[I am in] disbelief that he would actually say this out loud and continue the rhetoric that we are irrelevant,” said Connie. “I think we touched a nerve. Boehner thought we [the tea party] would have lost all recognition, and that has not happened, so he has to throw us under the bus. He doesn’t get to do that without a response.”

The California resident explained, “It takes a lot for me to write.” However, Connie felt so compelled to respond that she quickly penned a “Dear John” letter to the editor for her local paper, which stated:

“John Boehner continues to attack the tea party, so I am compelled to respond. I am a proud member of Tea Party Patriots. Tea Party Patriots is made up of Americans dedicated to promoting constitutional, conservative values – values once held by the Republican Party. While John Boehner leads from Washington D.C., the Republican Party has lost its way, lost its focus, lost its credibility and continues to lose members.

The Republican Party, under the leadership of John Boehner, has become irrelevant, a laughing stock, and disrespected by even its own members. Conservative values once held by the Grand Old Party have all but disappeared; disappeared because the Republican leadership doesn’t believe in those conservative principles anymore. Instead, the Republican leadership has demonstrated its mockery of those conservative values.”

Interestingly, Richard Reeve in his recent Yahoo article noted there was good reason for Boehner’s hysteria.

“The tea party folk are not attacking Democrats and liberals anymore; they are attacking and planning to run against regular old conservative Republicans in the House and Senate. No one with a title seems safe from this new wave of anti-government populism.”

Yet, as Connie pointed out, it is not the Left who claims to adhere to conservative values, then mocking them. “That is why I’m so angry. You know what the other side will do. You expect it and are ready for it. But, when your own people who are supposed to share your values don’t, that is the eye-opener.”

In her letter, Connie shared what caused her and others to join a movement, which has continued to grow even after 5 years.

“Tea Party Patriots grew out of frustration with the Republican Party; grew because many conservatives felt betrayed by the Republican Party – the Party once associated with conservative values… Tea Party Patriots is a group of individuals who believe in principled conservative ideals: free markets, fiscal responsibility and constitutionally limited government. So until the Republican Party returns to its conservative ideals, Tea Party Patriots will grow and flourish.”

Frustrated by the a broken party and a broken system, Connie vented, “We need action. Words can only get us so far. We need to decide as American people – have we had enough? The only time change will happen is when we had enough.”

Have you had enough? Now, what are you willing to do?