Ending the deal with Iran was the right decision for America


Then-candidate Trump called the Iran Nuclear Deal “the worst deal in history,” and vowed to end it when speaking at our 2015 End The Iran Deal rally. As president, he has kept his promise by officially ending it this year. President Trump spoke at the UN this week about the problems we faced under the deal and how we will not re-negotiate with a nation that continues to develop ballistic missile technology, chants “death to America,” and threatens our allies.

The Obama-era deal laid out “strict” guidelines for Iran to follow for operating its nuclear facilities while lifting the sanctions imposed on the nation. Iran is one of three countries that sponsors terrorism, and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) could not fully verify that Iran was even compliant to the terms in the deal. Not to mention, Iran continued to develop ballistic missile technology. It was a one-sided deal that made America look bad.

President Trump reversed one of Obama’s leftover bad international policies by ending the deal and slapping sanctions on Iran, keeping his campaign promise and trying to keep our nation safe.