Empowering a movement

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Join us as we celebrate the 4th Anniversary of the Tea Party with the 4Years4Liberty Money Bomb!

Over the last four years, we’ve seen the Tea Party Movement grow and influence the public debate in America. Such is the power of the people, and our ability to work together towards a common goal of constitutionally-limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.

It hasn’t been an easy task. Millions of Americans have provided their expertise in media training, organizing rallies, voter outreach, and creating local groups. This has created over 3,000 local groups across the nation which are influencing how their local community, county, and state promote and pass public policy. As Tea Party Patriots highlights in its newest video, these efforts will decide the future of the movement.

To sustain the momentum of the Tea Party and bring it to the next level, we need YOUR help. This week, help us to raise $1 million dollars to make sure we can bring power back to the people.

The Tea Party started because of you, and it can only continue because of you. Help Tea Party Patriots keep the good fight going by donating to make sure the principles of constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets once again dominate Washington D.C.