Disabled Man Loses Lifelong Doctor

One of the most important promises of Obamacare was that Americans could keep their doctor if they wanted. Now proved false, the story of Marilyn Flowers highlights exactly what will happen to some Americans when they can’t afford their doctors because of Obamacare.

Flowers told Tea Party Patriots that her son – who is deaf, has Down Syndrome, and will need a heart transplant – has spent 43 years going to Duke Hospital for his heart treatments. These treatments have included a pacemaker/defibrillator.

“Because of Obamacare and the changes being made by insurance companies, my son was told that his insurance would no longer cover treatment at Duke Hospital,” said Flowers. “He would only be covered by treatment in a network hospital which does not include Duke. His doctor would not be covered, either.”

Flowers has been bringing her son to Duke Hospital since 1970, when he was just five. His long battle for a healthy life is being threatened by Obamacare, since their insurance company will no longer cover them or their doctor.

Flowers’ story is not likely to be the only one of this kind. All over the nation, insurance policies are changing and companies are not participating in the exchanges. Businesses are also cutting hours and jobs, which will create a similar refutation to the “you can keep your doctor” claim as Americans stop being able to afford necessary care.

This fight for quality care will get worse as the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) gets under way later this year. Medicare patients will see their care suffer:

The Affordable Care Act gives IPAB some unusual and formidable powers:

• The board’s proposals automatically acquire the force of law unless new laws are passed to override these proposals.

• The board can function with only one of its 15 seats filled, and if the board does not submit a proposal by the required deadline, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (another presidential appointee) has the power to submit a proposal in its place.

• The board cannot be abolished unless Congress introduces a bill to repeal it in January 2017 and then passes this bill by August 15, 2017 with three-fifths majorities in both houses and the signature of the president.

• The board’s proposals are exempt from the oversight of courts, as the law explicitly states, “There shall be no administrative or judicial review … of the implementation by the Secretary … of the recommendations contained in a proposal.”

One of the greatest fears of the American people is government-mandated rationing. Under Obamacare, families and seniors will see insurance companies and bureaucrats abandon them as the law takes effect. It may end up being “affordable” for the politicians, with their exemption, but that will be no comfort to the millions of Americans facing the real consequences of Obamacare.