DHS makes a major admission on immigration

The Department of Homeland Security has finally acknowledged[1] – albeit privately – what we’ve known for a long time: people apprehended while entering the United States illegally are not reporting back to court.

According to DHS officials, about 70 percent of those caught illegally crossing the border do not appear before immigration authorities as ordered. Instead, they disappear into the U.S. interior and become another statistic: one of millions of illegal immigrants residing in America.

That DHS is finally acknowledging this statistic offers a glimmer of hope that maybe some in Washington realize the gravity of the situation on the border. Still, President Obama and Democrats in Congress continue to march forward with the threat of amnesty in the misguided belief that illegal activity should be rewarded.

Yet this revelation only reinforces the idea that when it comes to dealing with illegal immigration, border security should be our top priority. It’s time for President Obama to take action to secure our borders from terrorists and to prevent illegal immigrants from staying inside the U.S. It’s time for a new message from Washington: we in the United States respect the rule of law and if you try to cross the border illegally, you will immediately be sent home. It’s that simple.