Dems Shuffling Obamacare’s Deck Chairs for Midterm Election Points


Despite the calls from those within the party to embrace Obamacare, some vulnerable Democrats – particularly in red-leaning states – are scrambling to fix the badly broken law. What has caused the cries and concerns of Americans to finally be heard by those in the Senate? It’s not really a change of heart, but the upcoming threat to their seat. You guessed it – midterm elections.


As politicians try to cling to their jobs, Americans are desperately doing the same as Obamacare has eroded the full-time workforce. Clarissa, a supervisor for one of the largest big-box stores in the nation, knows firsthand how the new healthcare law is undermining workers.


“Last year, it was announced that we would no longer hire people to fill full-time jobs unless in management. All new hires would be part-time – 26 hours a week or less. Most of the time it is less,” explained Clarissa, a Texas resident. “It’s been destructive to the workforce. The young people want their financial independence. They are living with mom and dad, because they can’t afford to live [on their own].”


The cap in hours, created by one of Obamacare’s many harmful rules, was only compounded when the retailer decided to move all part-time workers onto the public healthcare exchange. The policies they generously offered before were no longer deemed acceptable under the new healthcare law.


“What was really nice is that my employer did offer insurance to part-time people that was affordable, and now the government has taken that away and further damaged the budgets of these people,”Clarissa stated.


That damage includes one woman, who now pays four times more for her new coverage.


“This lady was paying approximately $59 from each paycheck twice a month for her insurance with $15 co-pays. She liked it. It served her purposes. In December, that ended. She went onto the Obamacare exchange, which is costing her $465 a month. She also has to spend at least $3,000 out-of-pocket before anything is covered. Needless to say, she is probably going to be broke soon, because she is making just a little over minimum wage,”shared Clarissa.


It’s just not the employees who are encountering problems with Obamacare’s restrictive nature. Clarissa explains how remaining in compliance with hours can be a difficult task.


“So, if people call in sick, I have to go and dance around that schedule to see who I can get to come in on short notice without going over an employee’s threshold” she noted. “Again, this is hard on the young people. They want work. I have some who are just chomping at the bit to get more hours. I’m trying to find them as many hours as I can.”


It’s easy to understand why 65% of those who identify themselves as undecided 2014 voters disapprove of Obamacare, while only 25% approve. [1] Even though the 40-point margin is alarming, that is not necessarily what is cause some Democrats to sweat.


“It’s not just widespread disapproval of the president’s signature legislation that makes his party so vulnerable — it’s the intensity of that disapproval. “The people who favor Obamacare, which is a minority, aren’t really that enthusiastic about it even if they favor it,” says political analyst Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia. “But the majority who oppose Obamacare are much more charged up, and they’re the people who tend to turn out” for midterm elections.” [2]


For many of us, the Democrats’band-aid attempt is too little, too late. Throwing voters an election year political bone won’t suffice. Repealing the healthcare atrocity and instituting freedom based reform, that’s the winning ticket.