Democrats and the Benghazi Committee

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Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is scheduled to appear before House committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi attack during the week of May 18. But now, it seems, that appearance may have to be postponed.

What’s the holdup you ask? According to committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, his panel has yet to be given access to relevant State Department emails and is, therefore, not sufficiently prepared to question the former Secretary of State.

Gowdy has previously hammered the Obama Administration and its refusal to cooperate with the Benghazi committee in a timely manner. Dozens of subpoena requests are still unanswered. It’s typical Obama behavior, typical Clinton-style secrecy, expected Washington obfuscation, and not what the American people need.

Of course, this current Benghazi hearing saga all goes back to Clinton’s homebrew email system. As Gowdy notes in [1] a report from last week:

Absent access to the server that housed the former Secretary’s private emails, the Committee has no way to verify the assertions: (1) the former Secretary has produced the full universe of emails related to Benghazi and Libya; and (2) the server has been wiped clean and is currently void of any data that may reflect any email sent or received during her tenure as Secretary of State, including during the relevant time frame….

In other words, the House Committee is essentially being forced to blindly search for the truth. It has no way of knowing if it has everything it needs to question Clinton. Nor is it getting adequate cooperation from the Obama Administration.

Imagine if the tables were turned. Imagine if Democrats in the House were tasked with investigating a Republican administration. But say that Republican administration not only controlled the flow of information released to the committee, but it also never confirmed if or when all information was released. The Democrats would be pretty frustrated, huh? Yes, they probably would be.