Democrat Congresswoman Claims Constitution is 400 Years Old


Last week, Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee claimed during a speech on the House floor that the United States Constitution is 400 years old. [1] Perhaps this is why Congressional Democrats are so prone to either ignore or misinterpret that founding document. If lawmakers don’t know basic facts like how old the Constitution is, should Americans really expect them to be able to uphold their oath to defend it?


For the record, the Constitution is 226 years old; it was ratified in 1787. Democrats like to argue it is a living, breathing document, while we know the principles laid out in the Constitution are meant to guide our country forward and ensure it remains a limited, democratic republic. Some of our leaders in Washington, however, consistently violate those principles and the freedoms they are intended to protect.


These days, President Obama has made it his job to selectively enforce the law – a direct violation of his Constitutional authority and a violation of the idea that all Americans should be treated equally under the law. When parts of Obamacare become too inconvenient for his agenda, he unilaterally decides to postpone them.


Earlier this month, for example, the White House announced it was going to delay the provision forcing health insurers to offer plans that meet minimum coverage requirements. [2] As a result, news about a new round of health plan cancellations won’t hit during the all-important 2014 midterm elections.


Under Obama’s leadership, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeted Tea Party groups for increased scrutiny in 2012. As a result, millions of Americans were silenced and their First Amendment rights trampled on – all because of their political beliefs. Moreover, revelations about the National Security Agency (NSA) spying on innocent Americans completely runs counter to the Constitutional idea that the federal government exists to protect freedoms, not trample on them.


Rep. Jackson Lee is unfortunately not alone in her misunderstandings about the Constitution. It’s time to hold our public officials accountable, and demand a return to our founding principles of individual liberty and limited government.