Delaying by the Dozen


With the Senate and House push to delay Obamacare well under way, the opposition has been ferocious. President Obama pushed back last week in a speech, other Democrats have called the effort “extreme,” and a so far a number of Republicans have been too gun-shy to join the effort.

Yet this week, the Administration arbitrarily and dictatorially delayed yet another part of Obamacare. This makes a solid dozen delays, repeals, or defunds of various aspects of Obamacare:

The employer mandate for insurance coverage was delayed.
Caps on payment reimbursements were eliminated in Obamacare – but that change was recently delayed.
The CLASS Act, which was designed to take care of the elderly at exorbitant cost to the federal government, was unofficially abandoned some time ago then officially repealed in January.
The 1099 reporting requirement for small businesses was repealed by Congress years ago, as it was a tax increase designed to pay for the costs of Obamacare.
Eligibility requirements for those receiving Obamacare subsidies were delayed, opening the door to fraud.
Medicare Advantage cuts were delayed prior to the 2012 election.
The HHS contraception/abortifacient/sterilization mandate was delayed for religious-affiliated organizations for a year then recently delayed again until January 2014.
A provision allowing greater premium costs to be levied against smokers has been delayed.
The small business insurance choice provision has been delayed, impacting the ability of workers to “shop around” for insurance plans.
A section allowing federal money for poor Americans to help them shop for health insurance was delayed.
Co-ops were defunded earlier this year.
An employee voucher program put in by Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) was pulled as part of the April 2011 budget deal.

All of these delays and repeals – and one defund – yet the Administration still refuses to delay a section that will impact the free choices and actions of millions of Americans:

President Obama, his bureaucrats, and Congress agree with Tea Party Patriots – the law is not ready for America. The difference between us and the President is we want everyone to benefit from delays, not just favored interests.