Defunding Obama’s lawless actions

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Speaker of the House John Boehner today, announced his plans [1] to do nothing over President Obama’s executive overreach on immigration. The so-called strategy is to push off real legislative action like defunding the effort until 2015, and instead, placate conservatives by holding a largely symbolic vote in the House disapproving of the president’s measures.

We’ve got news for Boehner: he can save himself the trouble and keep his symbolic gestures. Conservatives want real action, and Americans deserve it.

President Obama blatantly ignored the Constitution when he unilaterally granted amnesty to millions of undocumented, illegal immigrants. And now, Congress has every right – a duty, even – to stop the amnesty by defunding agency efforts to implement the rules.

Before Boehner’s big announcement, there had been murmurings that conservative House members were teeing up legislation to do just that. The language could be inserted into the upcoming spending bill. Critics on the left are already sounding off on how President Obama will surely veto such a bill, setting the stage for another government shutdown. In doing so, they are only trying to scapegoat conservatives on the right, while ignoring their own complicity.

But that’s the thing with the left, and the Obama Administration. They want to use government force to implement a radical agenda, and then escape any consequences. They would rather, as Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said on the Hill earlier, defend their actions as “simple common sense.”

But simple common sense means following the law and respecting the Constitution while you’re at it.

But one thing is for sure: defunding the president’s lawless efforts must be done, if for no other reason than each lawmaker took an oath to defend the Constitution and its laws. Shame on any Congressman who neglects that duty.