Decision to Roll Back IRS Rule That Victimized Tea Party Donors is a Big Win


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots (TPP) President Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement addressing the Treasury Department’s announcement that the IRS will roll back the rule that required most 501(c) organizations to provide donor names and addresses when filing tax Form 990 Schedule B.

“This is a big win for Tea Party Patriots. It finally allows some true relief for organizations — such as ours — that were targeted by the IRS. This is also a win for our donors, who were 10 times more likely to be audited personally for donating to a tea party group, and, frankly for all who believe in the right to organize and make their voices heard without government interference.

“The Constitution protects our political speech, and our supporters’ donations are no different. We would like to thank President Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for restoring and securing American citizens’ privacy by rolling back this odious rule.”