DC’s Contagion

Eyeglasses with newspaper and coffee cup

There’s an epidemic in Washington. One so pervasive it’s not only infecting an entire group of people, but also wreaking havoc on our Republic. It is the political-class mentality, which is running amuck in our nation’s capital, creating a Petri dish of cronyism, corruption and elitism.

This culture, far from what the Founders envisioned, is allowing politicians to amass more power and money for their political gain, while abdicating their responsibilities of representing constituents. Maybe this is why Congress has reached a historically new low approval rating of 6% and why citizens like Ted, coordinator for the Walla Walla TEA Party Patriots in Washington State, are simply not taking it anymore.

Airing his frustrations about the recent budget control compromise, Ted pointed out, “This was an ideal opportunity to put the brakes on both Obamacare and increased federal funding, and they surrendered… My frustration [is] basically we hired someone to go do a job that they said they would, and now she [Rep. McMorris-Rodgers] is not doing it.”

In a recent letter to Representative Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (WA-5), Ted reminded his congresswoman that her loyalty ultimately lies with constituents, not Washington’s political elites.

“My wife and I have actively supported you in the past, contributed to your campaigns, and passed out literature. However, I am deeply disappointed by your vote for the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013, and even more by your letter responding to my concerns, trying to put a happy face on the vote and the bill. I feel a little like someone from a small town who votes for a new firefighter who is sworn in. Later, we find out this new firefighter not only drove past a fire on the way to work without trying to put out the fire, but added fuel to the fire.

You said you wanted to repeal ObamaCare, but instead voted for the Continuing Resolution that allowed it to continue. You said you wanted to decrease the deficit, out-of-control spending of the federal government, but then voted for a budget deal that increases the debt, restores spending cuts by sequester, and gives the opposition time and everything important they want.

Unfortunately, I now believe what you do, not what you say. How can conservatives in Eastern Washington continue to support and work with you when you abandon conservative principles that you were hired to do?

We are woefully aware that the way the game is played in D.C. demands that you have to be perceived as a team player in order to climb the ladder in party politics! Herein lays the danger of comprising your principles, especially if your values are conservative. We would once again remind you that you are elected to represent your constituents in the 5th District, not the dictates of the current mainline, ineffective Republican leadership.”

Ted is not alone. Citizens across the nation are feeling abandoned as many elected officials turn a deaf ear to their cries of less spending and smaller government.

“What happens to many of our elected officials is they become infected by the political class. They get in place, and they begin to do things – writing bills that don’t make sense, no longer standing on principles, doing what is expedient,” Ted explained.

So, what is the remedy? Ted believes a good place to start is term limits. “I’m thinking there needs to be term limits to stop some of this.”

Ted may be right. Diseases don’t cure themselves, and D.C. is in dire need of intervention.