Clarence Thomas’ Name on College Building


Students from Savannah College of Art and Design drafted a petition to have Justice Clarence Thomas’ name removed from a campus building. “The case between Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill in 1991 was extremely similar to what is happening to Dr. Ford today,” the petition states, “When will we learn that a victim’s trauma should outweigh politics? For women like Dr. Ford, and Anita Hill to come forward and speak out about what happened to them is extremely traumatic.”

As a learning institution, the school should strongly teach a lesson about the importance of the right to due process and should not encourage a guilty-until-proven-innocent mentality.  The Clarence Thomas Center for Historic Preservation building demonstrates the legacy of a U.S. Supreme Court justice who has upheld the rule of law and continues to do so.

It’s important that the school acknowledges and keeps its commitment to diversity, especially when diversity includes conservative beliefs.  Help preserve Justice Thomas’ legacy and put a stop to the perpetual character assassination in pursuance of political partisanship.

Please sign the counter petition to protect Justice Clarence Thomas and his legacy.  Don’t forget to share the petition with friends and family.