Chris Wallace Destroys Administration Talking Point on Obamacare

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On Sunday, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace knocked an Administration talking point out of the proverbial park.

In the interview, Wallace asked Lew if the utter failure of the Obamacare exchange website – which was temporarily taken down for repairs, etc. over the weekend – should give the American people doubts, given it has had over three years to get things right. Lew avoided the question, and Wallace followed up by asking “How many signed up?”

This led to a most telling dialogue, in which Lew strictly avoided answering the question. He said it was “the wrong question” to ask, then gave excuses about how “when you have a very large new software program come out, that people work to clean it up.”

Wallace wasn’t buying it:

I’m going to ask one last time, because, forgive me, sir, you haven’t answered it.

Do you not know how many people have signed up?

Which should seem to indicate another major software glitch?

Or is it that the number is embarrassingly small?

Lew’s answer was laughably inadequate:

…the important issue here is that millions of Americans want to get affordable health care. They came online. They’re getting the information.

Wallace cut the interview off shortly after that:

WALLACE: They just can’t sign up for it at this point?

LEW: Well, I think they are going to be signing up.

LEW: They have six months to sign up.

WALLACE: But technically, they can’t.

LEW: Well —

WALLACE: Secretary Lew, thank you.

Over the last 3.5 years, the Administration has said the American people should hold back criticisms until we see how awesome this law is for us. Well, we’re seeing, and we don’t like it. Jobs are being lost, insurance prices are skyrocketing, government spending is going up, and economic growth is minimal. And now that one of the most important aspects of Obamacare is failing within a week of its launch – well, let’s just say the Administration is lucky it’s not in the private sector, because it would be fired for incompetence.

Unfortunately for President Obama, talking points don’t replace reality. And right now, the reality is that Obamacare is failing.