Chris Matthews’ Revisionist History Falls Flat Live


When Ronald Reagan was President, he was hounded by media and Democrat claims of extremism, too conservative, etc. When George W. Bush was President, he was given similar treatment.

It’s amazing how things change. Now, liberals occasionally praise Bush for his willingness to work across the aisle, and Reagan is viewed as having been too moderate for today’s GOP.

Enter Chris Matthews and the articulate body-slamming he took from Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) on government shutdowns. Matthews, who tried to declare that things got done under Reagan and then-Speaker Tip O’Neill, somehow forgot that twelve shutdowns took place during that era in American history.

Labrador also pointed out that Matthews didn’t call O’Neill “a terrorist,” which Matthews did to Tea Partiers and specifically Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) earlier this year. When Matthews tried to claim the shutdowns were “over numbers” between Reagan and O’Neill, Labrador reminded him that one shutdown was over the Fairness Doctrine – a backdoor attempt by big government liberals to muzzle conservative speech.

As Matthews was being pummeled, host David Gregory tried to save him, asking “When is a law legitimate” related to Obamacare. Labrador didn’t blink, noting that Democrats spent a full decade trying to overturn the Bush tax cuts.

Furthermore, Gregory seems to forget that President Obama has spent over a year trying to overturn sequestration, and several years attacking the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United. Obama also delegitimized his own law when he selectively chose which parts he would enforce and delay.

Chris Matthews and his other allies in the media like to pretend the Tea Party is a new and dangerous thing to America. All this movement did was take the silent majority of Americans who want constitutional government and lower spending – plus a chance to succeed in America via the free market – and make that voice heard.

It’s not likely peusdo-journalists like Chris Matthews will begin factual reporting anytime soon. But with Representatives like Labrador destroying his arguments, maybe the viewers of MSNBC will get some truthful information, even if by accident.