It’s for the Children, Right?


It is the mantra that’s used by the Left repeatedly, especially when it comes to education. But, what happens when the Administration’s signature law harms the institutions which educate our future generation? Shouldn’t Washington take action for the sake of the children?

William oversees a small, private Christian school in California. He has personally experienced what the Affordable Care Act is doing to schools, teachers and ultimately the children.

“In anticipation of the added expense of Obamacare, our insurance rates have increased so much the last 4 years that I have not been able to give our staff a raise these 4 years. I also have lost students from parents that have had their hours cut back in large measure to this economy and Obamacare. This has left us a deficit in our budget, leaving me with the dilemma of closing our school and having 8 workers lose their jobs, or laying off one staff person to survive,” William explained.

This financial squeeze on private and public schools is happening throughout the nation, forcing many to make tough decisions, which are often not in the best interest of the students. Yahoo Finance reported the devastating measures Oconomowoc Area Schools had to take. They are one of the already 101 public school districts that had to cut workers and/or their hours because of the new healthcare law.

“The note from Oconomowoc Area Schools to parents in June celebrated the success of the year’s “huge undertaking”: the adoption of inclusive practices for special-needs students.

Then came the bad news: The district had no choice but to cut the work hours of the paraprofessional staff so critical to that success. Otherwise it would face a $1.5 million fine due to the Affordable Care Act’s employer insurance requirements.

“Instead of one full-time paraprofessional working a full day; one part-time paraprofessional would work the morning half of the day, while a second part-time paraprofessional would work the afternoon portion of the day,” the district explained.

The district in Oconomowoc, Wis., is among 11 school districts added this week to IBD’s list of employers cutting hours or permanent staff in response to Obamacare’s employer mandate…

In all, 101 school districts on the list have cut the hours of support staff such as teacher aides, bus drivers and cafeteria workers — or outsourced their job functions. The cuts to work hours don’t only hurt employee finances but are likely to take a toll on student performance.”

Facing a tough choice, William had to let one of his teachers go in order for the small, private school to keep its door open, so now there is one less educator to help shape the minds of students in his school – all because of Obamacare. Upset by the situation, he pointed out how this egregious law is harming so many. “Obamacare and the Administration’s policies are killing small businesses and hurting those who need jobs.”

Yes. Children, schools, teachers, families, businesses – they are all being affected by Obamacare, which is why the cry for repeal is for the sake of the children.