Celebrating moms; working for a better future


Americans will dedicate May 11 to celebrating mothers. Moms deserve celebrating all year round and we’re proud to set aside a day to thank the women who are busy raising up the next generation. We know they all want the same thing: a better future for their children.

That’s what Tea Party Patriots is all about.  Our core mission involves advocating for personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt free future.  But the more the federal government intervenes in our personal lives, the more it reduces the ability of mothers to choose how to raise their children. Mothers are constantly being told they need to surrender parental responsibility to government officials on everything from nutrition to education to health care. That’s wrong.

Likewise, government intervention in the free market stifles growth and opportunity. Despite the bailouts and the stimulus, the Obama “recovery” is the slowest on record. Moreover, for those mothers of recent college graduates, the picture is even grimmer: labor participation for adults aged 25-29 has hit record lows. This is Obama’s economy.

All of this ties into the core principle of personal freedom. Since its founding, the United States has been a beacon for liberty and freedom around the world; it’s what makes this country unique. Unfortunately, our government violates that principle routinely. The Internal Revenue Service has targeted law-abiding citizens based on their political beliefs. The Obama Administration has pushed the nation toward statist health insurance whether we want it or not. That same administration has also told private companies they must offer free contraception – whether it violates their religious beliefs or not. The list of government usurpations of our freedom goes on.

This weekend, we’ll celebrate mothers for many reasons, not the least of which is because we want what they want: a better future for the next generation. The road ahead may be long, but when the future for our children is at stake, no barrier is immovable. With moms on our side, big government doesn’t stand a chance.