Celebrating Freedom this July 4th


This July 4th, Tea Party Patriots would first like to thank those who made, and continue to make our freedom and independence a reality. These days, it’s easy to take our freedom for granted. Three hundred years ago, independence wasn’t a sure thing. It took a lot of people with the courage to stand up and fight for liberty, to get us where we are today.

Today, we don’t have to live under tyranny. Today, we aren’t ruled by a king an ocean away. Today, we have guaranteed rights that ensure equal opportunity for all under the law. We also have due process and the ability to speak freely without fear of retribution – though the Internal Revenue Service violated that last one pretty blatantly last year.

One of our great Founding Fathers – Ben Franklin – was, the story goes, asked a simple question while leaving the Constitutional Convention in 1787: what kind of government had they set up? His answer [1] wasn’t nearly so simple: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

With that simple phrase he tasked each and every American with one job: keeping the Republic. It’s true we’ve faltered many times along the way. But our goal remains always the same: preserving what makes our country great and keeping it the way the Founders intended. They fought to gain freedom; the least we can do is fight to preserve it.