Celebrate Whole Foods Day on February 9


In 2009, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey wrote a now-famous op-ed in The Wall Street Journal talking about free-market alternatives to what would become the Affordable Care Act. Supporters of the coming law reacted immediately, calling for boycotts of Whole Foods. In response, opponents decided to make up the slack, calling for those who support freer markets to buy from Whole Foods in increased numbers.

More recently, Mackey has been thrown back in the spotlight for saying the Affordable Care Act is more like fascism than socialism. This time, the backlash has been extraordinary, and much longer-lasting.

What did Mackey say that was so controversial? Merely the truth:

Mr. Mackey simply stated that the President’s health care law was more like fascism than socialism (which he had previously stated a couple of years ago), and he explained his reason for saying this:

Technically speaking, it’s more like fascism. Socialism is where the government owns the means of production. In fascism, the government doesn’t own the means of production, but they do control it, and that’s what’s happening with our healthcare programs and these reforms.

….The truth is Mr. Mackey is correct. Our government controls almost every aspect of our healthcare. While the government may not own you, or the doctors, hospitals and insurance companies, these entities are now forced to make all decisions in accordance with government mandates and regulations. The law took all of the problems we had in our healthcare system and made them worse.

Apparently, this accurate description of Obamacare was too much for its supporters. While it is certainly legal for them of Obamacare to boycott Whole Foods and react strongly to its CEO’s comments, that does not make it appropriate. This is why Tea Party Patriots is urging supporters across the nation to participate in the first annual Whole Foods Appreciation Day.

It’s as simple as it sounds –shop at Whole Foods and show your support for its free market principles, its CEO’s brave stance against Obamacare’s intrusion into the private lives of patients, and sound business practices. Not only will you buy healthy food for you and your family, you’ll also make sure those who would stifle debate are unsuccessful in pushing their ideology on the rest of the nation.