Breaking Heart Strings: Favored Liberal Ploy Fails on Obamacare

A common lament among Republican strategists is that the Democrats are great at manipulating heartstrings to neutralize inconvenient facts. This tactic is regularly employed in the fight over Obamacare, including manipulation of an 11 year-old child by Democratic Senators in 2010 to get Obamacare signed into law.

That tactic, which has successfully at drained America’s finances and enabled trillions of dollars of debt, is suddenly falling flat as Obamacare’s disastrous rollout continues to be a. Jon Stewart highlighted this failure on Monday night as he hammered President Obama for pretending one person’s ability to get insurance through the exchanges outweighs millions who cannot.

Now’s official YouTube page – funded by you, the taxpayer – has two new videos highlighting people who actually got insurance through the site. Here is the first:

This video looks at Deborah’s experience, where she claims things were smooth and easy, and she is saving “hundreds of dollars per month” for her family. However, a couple of things of note:

First, she says her family paid “a fortune” per month prior to the exchange. That number is never identified, nor is her new monthly insurance cost – and there is no mention of any subsidies she may have received.

She closes the video by saying “I couldn’t be happier that my family and I are covered.” Considering they were covered before going to the exchanges, one has to ask why she’s so happy to be covered – it’s certainly not a new circumstance for them.

The other video looks at Daniel’s situation. A college student, he was already covered. He said he saved money.


First, he says “Once I was on the site, it was pretty easy for me to compare plans.” The question remains as to how long it took him to get ON the site in the first place.

Second, he says because he’s a student the cost is a mere $70 per month. What that statement indirectly says is that Daniel’s insurance is being subsidized by the many more taxpayers whose premiums are going up to pay for Daniel’s allegedly low-cost insurance.

At the end, he says, “And, hey, I’m covered.” Like Deborah, he was covered before taxpayers were forced to pay for his insurance.

On Sunday, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) debated Obamacare with Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). Schumer talked about how many people have visited the site, but Coburn shut down his optimistically misleading statements by pointing out that, yes, people are signing up for the exchanges – but they are mostly older or sick people. This raises costs of premiums, driving out the healthy people needed to make the exchanges remotely functional.

With the government “shutdown” now over, Obamacare’s failings are dominating the news. Not satisfied with wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on, the Administration is now exacerbating the problem with its misleading videos designed to hide the millions of failures of the exchange website behind a handful of successful signers.