Border Surge Costing Democrats Core Issue


Overwhelming opposition continues to mount against President Obama’s plan to act unilaterally on immigration, specifically halting the deportation of those who are here illegally. In a new Rasmussen poll released Thursday, “62% of likely U.S. voters oppose the president granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants without the approval of Congress” with 57% believing he does not have the legal authority to do so. [1] This comes on the heels of Pew’s August 20th survey, which shows nearly identical findings with “61% of Americans disapprov[ing] of Obama’s immigration policy.” [2]

It is absolutely clear where the majority of Americans stand on Obama’s immigration power play. Yet, some Democrats are ignoring public opinion, pressing the Administration to take action immediately.

“Advocates and a leading Democratic lawmaker are urging President Barack Obama to not delay making executive fixes to the immigration system, warning other Democrats that holding off could spark a political backlash.

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.) said Wednesday that Obama should move quickly on executive action, calling for the decision to come “now” and “in a transparent manner, before the election.” [3]

The Illinois congressman had stern words for Democrats getting cold feet about the President’s proposed plan – “step aside.”

“I say to the Democrats, stand aside. Let the president make the decision. Let him announce it and stop this — stopping the progress of our community toward justice. Just step aside,” Gutiérrez said on a conference call with immigration reform activists and reporters organized by America’s Voice.

“Because it is better that the president make the decision now, clearly before the American public, in a transparent manner, before the election and then letting our democratic system — people know what that public policy is before they go to the election,” he explained, questioning the wisdom of waiting, if Democrats lose seats in the House and Senate.” [4]

This brazen attitude demonstrates the disregard Democrats like Gutiérrez have for 62% of American voters. While the Left has every right to stand up for what they believe in, as Gutiérrez urged, [4] it could ultimately cost them in November. An eye-opening bipartisan George Washington University Battleground Poll reveals a seismic political shift taking place on immigration.

“Democrats still lead on their core issues of Social Security and Medicare, but have apparently lost ground on what was one of their core issues: immigration. By a wide margin of 48-41%, voters now trust the GOP more than Democrats.

If you’re wondering why the mainstream media suddenly stopped covering the border crisis, this poll is why. Prior to the border crisis – a story that broke wide open after Breitbart Texas obtained photos of a wave of “border kids” being warehoused in U.S. facilities – immigration was a big winner for Democrats. The news of this surge, along with Obama’s inability and/or lack of desire to handle it, has flipped the issue in the GOP’s favor.” [5]

What may be more unnerving to the Left is voters’ response to the question: who would you vote for in Congress if the election were held today? 46% said Republican as opposed to Democrat (42%).

President Obama can’t blame Congress for this manufactured border crisis, which has metastasized into political crisis for Democrats. 46% of voters “think that the Administration, through its statements and policies, has encouraged this wave of illegal immigration.” [6] For this reason, the House passed a bill prior to the August recess to not only enhance border security, but also remove the lure of future deferred deportations – one of the main causes of the border surge.

The legislation – along with several hundred other bills passed by the House – was completely disregarded by the Democrat-controlled Senate and President. In essence, the obstruction of the Senate reflects their defiance against the majority of Americans.