Boehner’s not-so-tough talk on immigration

Speaker of the House John Boehner said in interview over the weekend with ABC[1] that he “absolutely” can get House Republicans to pass immigration reform.

He went on to say that “We had a flood of children coming across the border, once again, proving that no good immigration bill can pass until we have real border security. Big things in Washington take bipartisan majorities,” said Boehner. “The issue of immigration, only way to do it and, frankly, the right way to do it is to do it in a broad, bipartisan way.”

It was nice of Speaker Boehner to tip his hat to border security, but all he really seemed to care about in that interview was how he was going to pass bipartisan immigration reform. But we all know “bipartisan” is code for caving to Democrats – something Boehner has a history of doing as Speaker.

Yet immigration reform is too important to cave to the Democrats and “compromise” on things like amnesty. And border security deserves much more than a brief mention, in passing, during an interview. The Speaker should have been forceful about defending immigration law and not rewarding illegal behavior. Instead, Boehner may as well have come right out and told his counterparts on the other side of the aisle to swing for the fences; he won’t be defending the rule of law very hard when it comes to illegal immigration.

We already have a pathway to citizenship in this country, but Democrats want to completely do away with laws that protect our sovereignty and our nation’s borders. We are in favor of LEGAL immigration, which shouldn’t be too much to ask for. Our elected officials, especially those holding the highest offices in Congress, should be focusing on how our government can secure our border and enforce the rule of law; not how to reach “bipartisan” deals that undermine the sovereignty of our nation.