Boehner Steps Down, But the Fight Isn’t Over


On Friday, Speaker John Boehner finally threw in the towel. After years of grassroots pressure for the House of Representatives to change their leadership, he finally reached his breaking point and announced he will be stepping down at the end of October. Don’t let the media and the Washington elites tell you that you didn’t play a role in this. This is a major win for you and it’s a major win for the Tea Party movement!

As Speaker Boehner spends his last days at the helm of the House of Representatives, we aren’t finished sending him a message. He will undoubtedly play a key role in the legislative activities over the next month, including the showdown that is about to take place over continuing funding for the government.

More importantly, the Majority Leader of the House will play perhaps the most important role. It is the Majority leader who controls the House calendar, including the floor schedule. It is the Majority Leader’s office that sends memos to other Members of the House of Representatives with what votes will be coming up as the House calendar changes on a daily basis. So, while Speaker Boehner will surely play an important role over the next 48 hours and into the end of October, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy will also play a very significant role and now all eyes should turn to him.

McCarthy announced yesterday that he was officially launching his bid to become the next Speaker. Most people agree that he is the likely successor to Boehner, but will he simply carry on the legacy of John Boehner or will he take note of the dismay among the rank-and-file Members and the American people?

While anything can happen and someone else could emerge to become the next Speaker instead of McCarthy, it is his time to shine and to prove to the American people what kind of Speaker he would be. However, regardless of who ends up ascending to the top spot in the House, here is a list of criteria that the next Speaker must possess in order to appeal to Tea Party Patriots around the country.

Members of the Republican Conference in the House are expected to meet at 5pm EDT on Tuesday, September 29th. Find your Member of Congress, call them and tell them what you expect to see in a new Speaker.

Any candidate for Speaker of the House must have:

  • The ability to articulate free market economic principles and why we must grow our economy.
  • A willingness to stand and fight for the Tea Party Patriots’ core principles of personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt free future with the same determination that President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi have fought for their principles.
  • The ability to build coalitions of Republican votes to pass fiscally responsible legislation.
  • The ability to understand the limited and restrained role of the federal government as outlined in the Constitution and a demonstrated willingness to stand by that time-tested principle.
  • The willingness to allow Conservatives a seat at the table by returning to regular order and allowing amendments through the committee process as well as allowing Conservatives to hold important positions (including chairmanships) on key House committees.


Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore