Bill Kristol’s wise advice to House Republicans


Since the Senate passed its immigration “reform” bill, the media and many Republicans and Democrats have said the House should pass legislation that would give the Senate’s bill a chance to become law.

However, Bill Kristol has a different take on things:

House Republicans need to focus on turning the administration’s retreat on Obamacare into a rout. In light of the administration’s announced delay of the employer mandate, they could move immediately to delay the individual mandate as well, and/or the legislation as a whole.

Why does Kristol think this is so critical? Because highlighting Obamacare would allow current pressure about amnesty to die off:

So the broader opportunity is for House Republicans to spend the summer discrediting and delaying Obamacare, while allowing whatever minor pressure there was to move on immigration in the aftermath of the Senate action to fade away.

Tea Party Patriots has leveled criticism at Kristol in the past for caring more about the GOP than principle, but in this case his strategic advice is sound. The House GOP is under great pressure to pass anything related to immigration in order to get amnesty to become law, but it should ignore that establishment-oriented advice. Instead, as Kristol advised, the goal should be to point out how the Obama Administration is delaying the mandate that impacts businesses…but not the one that impacts the little guy.