Arsonists, Terrorists, and Anarchists, Oh My!


This week, two of Washington’s most powerful Democrats accused Tea Party activists of being “legislative arsonists” and “anarchists,” respectively. Now a Republican Congressman is joining in the fun, saying those who stand with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) are engaging in “governmental terrorism.”

What is governmental terrorism, according to Rep. Peter King (R-NY)? The New York Times has the scoop!

What offends Mr. King is that Mr. Cruz…dared other Republicans to be as pure and relentless in their opposition to the health care program as he is, even though everyone knew his tactics were doomed. It also struck Mr. King as an unprincipled attempt to change the law without consent of the voters. Losing actually means something; Mr. King himself said he had voted against the Obama health care overhaul at every opportunity, then voted to repeal it, and thinks it’s a law that ought to be undone.

“But I also believe in democracy, and I don’t mean that in a Fourth of July way,” he said. “We’ve lost on the House floor, we lost on the Senate floor, the president signed the bill, the Supreme Court held it to be constitutional, and the 2012 election was run on Obamacare as much as any issue. President Obama won.

“I still think we should try to repeal the bill. But you repeal it the same way you passed it. You get bills through both houses of Congress, and you get the president to sign it. The only way we are going to do that is by electing more Republicans and winning the presidential election.”

Representative King’s assessment is missing a few facts. First, we are a democratic republic, not a democracy.

Second, the “unprincipled attempt to change the law without the consent of the voters” is what the President does every time he waves his kingly wand and exempts Congress, Big Business, and other special interests from the same law he is ramming down the throats of the American people.

Finally, speaking of the American people, a majority oppose the law.

Later on in the interview, the Times reports Rep. King “asserted” that “about two-thirds of the Republicans in the House of Representatives agree with him…[but] are intimidated by the Ted Cruz wing.”

Congressman King is outright stating his fellow House Republicans are being intimidated into “governmental terrorism.” With this statement, it would therefore be logical to assume Congressman King is too brave to let himself be bullied into passing H.J. Res. 59, the House CR.

Or not. The roll call record shows Rep. King voted for the House CR that Senator Cruz is supporting in its entirety. So according to King’s statement, this makes King either a coward or a “governmental terrorist.”

According to Congressman King, few positive results will happen as a result of Senator Cruz’s efforts. He does appear to think that the Senator’ is making his push for defunding Obamacare to “build up this mailing list for Cruz, and a fund-raising list.” This would be a pretty damning accusation if the Times didn’t also report the following:

 “[Congressman King] spent part of the summer visiting New Hampshire, nosing around to see if he would stand a chance in a presidential primary running as a conservative Republican unassociated with the Tea Party wing.”

Rather than opposing Cruz’s plan on principle, Congressman King’s appears to have an election-related conflict of interest. Multiple requests to Rep. King’s office on clarification went unanswered as of publication.

Tea Party Patriots State Coordinator and two-term Republican committeewoman Judy Pepenella called the Congressman’s comments totally out of line:

“It is appalling to hear Congressman King speak this way. As Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security and the senior GOP Member from New York State, he knows better than most what a terrorist is and does. To compare law-abiding, patriotic fiscal conservatives to terrorists, especially after 9/11, is an insult to all Americans. He owes us all an apology.”