Anyone but Boehner!


In direct response to President Obama’s illegal actions on Obamacare and amnesty, Americans took a stand by electing conservatives to Congress in a truly historic, landslide victory in 2014. Thanks to your efforts, dozens of defeated Obama allies just cleaned out their Washington, D.C. offices.

Now, the hard work begins. The establishment elites in both parties are furious that Congress now has a record number of constitutional conservatives in the U.S. House. These establishment types are ready to go to war with the Tea Party and continue shredding the Constitution, while propping up special interest groups and crony capitalism.

House Speaker John Boehner fired the first shot, by supporting the shameful CRomnibus, which fully funds the Obama agenda, including President Obama’s unilateral executive amnesty. The CRomnibus was passed in the dark of night before members could read it, and it required Democrat votes to pass. This explains why a whopping 60% [1] of Republicans who voted in the last election understand that Boehner represents the status quo, and they want him removed as Speaker.

These polling numbers are devastating for Boehner, but he didn’t have anyone willing to challenge him.

Until now!

Two courageous patriots, Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), are risking their political careers to run for Speaker to protest the Boehner machine. And they deserve our support!

To voice your support for either Yoho or Gohmert, please contact your U.S. Representative and demand a vote for one of them. Please remind your Representative that every vote for any living person other than John Boehner – whether for Rep. Yoho, or for Rep. Gohmert, or for anyone else, for that matter – helps us achieve the goal of ending the establishment’s reign in DC.

If your Representative in Congress is a Republican, please let him or her hear from you Tuesday. Call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Friends, it is critical that Republican Members of Congress hear from us, whether it’s through phone calls, social media, or email. Elections have consequences, and one of the immediate effects of the 2014 election results – where conservatives won by distancing themselves from the Obama lawlessness – should be a new Speaker of the House who understands this voter mandate.

Our friends at the Madison Project have already set up a website supporting Gohmert’s candidacy. For more information and to sign a petition, visit it at

Before Tuesday’s vote for Speaker of the House, we’re sending a clear message that limited government, constitutional principles are necessary to defeat the Obama agenda.