Another legal blow to Obamacare

Yesterday, a federal judge in Oklahoma dealt another blow[1] to Obamacare, striking down federal subsidies for states that didn’t set up their own insurance exchanges. The decision followed in the footsteps of the recent ruling in the D.C. Circuit court in Halbig v. Sebelius.

The judge in Oklahoma essentially ruled that the Obama Administration’s attempts to administer subsidies through a federal exchange is an invalid interpretation of the Affordable Care Act. In fact, Judge Ronald White went so far as to say[2] allowing the Internal Revenue Service to administer federal subsidies was “arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion or otherwise not in accordance with law.”

How many times will we have to watch federal courts deal blow after blow to the Affordable Care Act before Washington gets the message? It is utterly absurd that President Obama can’t seem to implement his signature piece of legislation in accordance with the law. But now, it’s time for Congress to step up and repeal it altogether. Americans have had enough with Obamacare.

As Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt pointed out[1] in his statement yesterday, “The administration and its bureaucrats in the IRS handed out billions in illegal tax credits and subsidies and vastly expanded the reach of the health care law because they didn’t like the way Congress wrote the Affordable Care Act.”

That certainly is not how our government is supposed to work. President Obama can’t retroactively decide to change the meaning of a key component to the health care law. No president has the kind of power and the courts are right to reprimand him. All we need now is full repeal.