Americans don’t trust Democrats on immigration

A new Gallup poll [1] shows voters trust Republicans more than Democrats when it comes to the immigration issue. The GOP, in fact, has a five-point lead over President Obama’s party, 47 to 42 percent. That’s a swing from last April, when 49 percent of Americans trusted Democrats more, compared to 42 percent that trusted Republicans.

The same poll showed 65 percent of voters view immigration as a top priority, which isn’t surprising considering how the border crisis has dominated the news in recent months. What’s more interesting, however, is how voters have responded to President Obama’s and the Democratic Party’s solution: amnesty.

For months now, President Obama has been trumpeting amnesty as a solution to the crisis, threatening imminent executive action. Democratic lawmakers in Congress have also been calling for various levels of immigration reform legislation. And, White House officials assure us executive action will come by the end of the year.

If the administration didn’t know it before, it should be pretty obvious now that Americans don’t want amnesty. If President Obama takes unilateral action to decree amnesty from the Oval Office, he’ll be doing so at his own peril, and against the wishes of tens of millions of Americans.

We believe in the idea of the American Dream; we believe that dream still exists and is attainable for each and every person who seeks freedom and liberty. That quest for freedom, however, is damaged when people subvert the process and cross our borders illegally. We respect, and want to help those who make the effort to come to the U.S. through legal channels and uphold our laws. Legal immigrants are part of the fabric that binds this country together.

It’s time for Washington to put down the amnesty bullhorn and focus on the real problem: securing our borders. It’s time to put aside a liberal agenda and do what’s best for the nation.