Americans are worried about illegal immigration


While Obama ponders his next move on executive amnesty, he may want to consider the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll [1]. If (or when) he does decide to use his pen, rest assured it won’t be because it’s what most Americans want.

According to this latest poll, most Americans believe illegal immigration will have a negative impact on the United States. Seventy percent of respondents said illegal immigration threatens U.S. customs and beliefs, while nearly two-thirds said it places a burden on the economy.

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest deflected a question about the legality of President Obama pursuing executive action on immigration reform by saying [2], “I’m going to let the legal experts render a judgment on that and consider what options are available to the president.”  But it doesn’t take a legal scholar to know that any order from the White House that essentially amounts to amnesty for illegal immigrants is one giant leap past the Constitutional limits on presidential power.

Seriously, it doesn’t take a lawyer to know that; only someone familiar with the U.S. Constitution.

Americans are worried, and rightly so. And given Obama’s recent approval numbers [3], they don’t have much confidence in him to provide a solution to the current border crisis. The president can blame Congress all he wants, but the reality is he caused this mess with his selective enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws. It’s time for him to own this problem and work on policy changes that start with securing the border and protecting the American people.

As President of the United States, he has a job to do; that includes respecting the Constitution and enforcing our laws, not picking and choosing what fits best with his ideological agenda.