American Warm Fuzzies


Years ago, the U.S. was growing and self sustaining. Entrepreneurs used brain power to improve the life styles of an underdeveloped nation. Henry Ford marketed the Model T. Along came mass production. More jobs allowed people to earn more and buy more. Society was transparent. Inventions were not hidden. They were open for the world to use. Sounds like a WARM FUZZIE STORY.

Our system allowed the creator to charge what he deemed necessary to pay his investors and make a profit. Sometimes greed came into play gouging the public, but not to worry, other entrepreneurs saw money to be made and jumped in with their own version of the product at a lower price. Wow. Did America grow? MORE WARM FUZZIES.

Happy Americans elected a leader without knowing he had designs to stay in office forever. He boarded his bi-plane and flew over Detroit. Looking down he saw happy people sharing and helping one another. His reaction was shock. “How can these people possibly be so happy?” He landed and walked to a group shaking hands. They were congratulating each other on their successes and sharing WARM FUZZIES. He stood before the group and said, “You are Crazy! There is going to be a shortage of WARM FUZZIES!” Henry is making millions while you are working for pennies on the dollar. You need to bind together so you have power to make Henry do what you want. I’ll even help you!”

He did help them; by uniting as a union they were given a work contract. Sometimes two people were required to do the work of one. That depressed the conscientious. They found it even worse when they realized there was a union boss, between them and Henry, who had to be paid in order to keep their job. The union system made more money available, but WARM FUZZIES became scarce.

After a depression, two world wars and several recessions, the mighty city of Detroit was no longer the industrial leader of the world. Henry had been forced to pay more than the world labor rate. To increase profit for his company and stockholders, he raised the price of his products and sold technology to foreign manufacturers. Honda and Toyota came to America building modern factories using American technology and lower labor costs. The quality and retail price of their product was better and attracted the public to the new arrivals.

Henry’s export numbers were falling. The price of his cars was too high for the markets in Asia and Europe. Advisors told him he must build in their markets. He chose China, a vast population of cheap labor. He realized there was a danger. China requires any foreign company selling a product in their nation to build a plant and use China’s materials. Henry was taking time proven technology to China. China had no cost for research and development.

If a world dispute arose and China nationalized the industry, recouping the cost of the project would be impossible. He felt somewhat secure when he found out that the American Government was allowing GE to manufacture a military jet engine in China.

Years passed, and the number of permanent politicians grew. A new plan of action using crises to spin success was now the mantel of operation. Detroit was certainly in crises with high unemployment and decaying industry. It could be used to establish rules to fix suffering in America.

Air Force One was filled to the brim and arrived at Detroit Metro Airport. Thousands of people greeted the group will somber faces. They hoped to hear the exciting words of more jobs.

The President took the mike and announced he was extending unemployment benefits for 26 weeks. A Senator announced that all endangered species would be protected – “wolves are now multiplying in areas of the northwest and only a few farmers have complained of cattle being killed, California is restricting water in the central valley to protect salmon and sturgeon. The head of the EPA said restrictions were being applied to all industries releasing carbon into the air and no further oil or gas drilling would be allowed, as well as no construction of nuclear facilities. We plan on using the corn crop to produce ethanol. We are bringing green jobs to Detroit. Your children will be able to play outside with no fear and the Polar ice caps won‘t melt!”

Debbie T Party, in the middle of the crowd, couldn’t contain herself. She shouted, “What is wrong with you people? Have you no idea of local need. Air quality? Do you know where the problem really is? Not Los Angeles or Mexico City, I have the October 10, 2011 Time magazine in my hand and it indicates the problem is in smaller towns in countries with lax environmental rules like Ahwaz, Iran with 372 micrograms per cubic meter-,Sanadaj, Iran 254-, Ludhiana, India 251-, Quelta, Pakistan 251-, Beijing City 121-, while Los Angeles is only 25 and New York city is 21. Go to Iran and show them how to do what we have already done!” The crowd began to chant, “let us work so we can show the world how to fix problems. We know how to protect resources, and we don’t need you to tell us or rule us to do so.”

Nervously the group headed for Air Force One. Remembering how they were beaten in 2010 at the polls, they were now afraid of being beaten by the crowd. As Air Force One disappeared in the clouds, the crowd began to cheer for Debbie T Party. Much to their surprise, she had a purse full of WARM FUZZIES. Each person that shook her hand walked away with a WARM FUZZIE. Soon the crowd was sharing WARM FUZZIES. The shortage was over. They looked at Debbie in amazement. Could she be the next great world leader?

To the reader, if you think this is hokey, just read what publishes or what comes out of North Georgia College.

Submitted by Bob Frey