America can’t afford more train wrecks


Two weeks ago, Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) said Obamacare is a train wreck. He was right. And yet right now the Senate is considering another large, ill-considered, costly, and convoluted piece of legislation – amnesty.

This week, your Senators and Congressmen are home for their “district work period.” Make sure they know how you stand on this legislation, and the lack of transparency surrounding its march through the Senate. Tell them no more train wrecks!

Tea Party activists around the nation are working together to make sure this bill does not pass. Here is our strategy this week:

  • Friday: On Friday we will re-cap all of our activities this week and begin planning for next week’s theme and messaging opportunities.

Make sure they know how you feel about the rushed process, the lack of transparency, the unconstitutional nature of the bill, its massive costs, its unknown components, and everything else wrong this this bill.

As always, your effort is critical to the future of our country. We urge you to join us this week in making sure Congress knows exactly how the American people reject this new train wreck.