Affordable Care Act isn’t so affordable after all


It seems the Obama Administration forgot about the “affordable” part of the Affordable Care Act. A new report from The Hill reveals that health industry insiders are warning that Obamacare-related premiums will skyrocket in most parts of the country throughout this year. [1]  According to the report, areas of the country that will be hit hardest will be those with older, sicker, or smaller populations.


However, one insurance official from a “populous swing state” told The Hill reporter that his company expects to triple rates next year on the Obamacare exchange. Most insurance officials also are sure to point out that any premium hikes will be due to changes or more delays in the Obamacare rollout.


The more we experience the implementation of Obamacare – the supposed grand fix for our health care industry – the more we find out just how much it’s going to cost Americans and small businesses.  When President Obama sold health care reform, he promised (among other things) that it would save America a lot of money. While we knew this to be false, it didn’t stop him, his administration, and the Democratic Party from championing reform as a way to lower health care costs and take money from greedy insurance companies and return it to our pockets.


Those claims were repeated so often and so far and wide, that many probably started to believe them – which is why the premium hikes this year will be even harder to swallow.  Obamacare is not only a threat to freedom and free markets, but it’s also a threat to our financial stability. Americans should have then freedom to choose if and when they should or shouldn’t purchase health insurance. Handing down fines for not buying insurance is a threat to that liberty. So is forcing Americans into a health care system that, at the end of the day, drastically raises costs.


But none of this comes as a surprise. Obamacare, and the empty promises that support it, are crumbling. It’s time for Washington to repeal Obamacare, so Americans don’t continue to suffer.