A Win for “We the People” in Maryland

On Saturday night it came to our attention that a group of Democrat activists were working to ban members of the We the People Caroll County Tea Party group from a public town hall for Rep. Chris Van Hollen who represents the 8th Congressional District in Maryland. It was reported that these Democrat activists were threatening to use law enforcement to ban the Tea Party group from the town hall under the accusation that they have displayed “violent tendencies.” Anyone who has been around the Tea Party and has seen it first-hand knows that this is an outrageous accusation – and one that would only be believed by people who get their news from certain mainstream media outlets.

Needless to say, Tea Party activists would not be silenced and they showed up in full force. Reports from Dan Bongino said that nearly 60% of people who showed up to the town hall were limited-government activists and Rep. Chris Van Hollen was booed for his silence on the matter.

Another Maryland activist and President of the Institute for Liberty was there as well and will be giving a recap on his Broadside Radio Program:

This is just another example of people using big government to silence the voice of We the People. We ask that if these things are happening in your local areas that you let us know so that we can help get the word out and help combat this blatant attack on free speech and assembly.