A million Patriots for freedom


“The Tea Party is dead/dying/going away.”

Over the last four years, since our movement started, this has been the message from many in the media and the Beltway crowd. In 2010, we proved them wrong, but in 2013 we are considered dead and gone.

Of course, we know this isn’t true. Tea Party Patriots raised $1 million last week from over 20,000 activists across the nation. The Tea Party has allies in Washington, state houses, and in family homes. Yet the Beltway continues to say we’re dying, dead, gone, etc.

As the first part of the Tea Party Patriots’ efforts to push back on this narrative, we asked for your help in raising money. You responded. Now, we’re asking you to follow us on Facebook. We have over 950,000 followers. Our goal is to get to a million in the next 20 days. Surely, even the establishment media and politicians can’t ignore that. Click here to “Like” us on Facebook.

To do this, we need your help. Share this post on your page. Tell your friends to support Tea Party Patriots. Urge everyone you know to join your battle for the nation’s future in one of the most effective methods in modern political activism – social media.

Millions of Americans made The Tea Party into the political powerhouse it is today. Let’s keep it up, and show the establishment the Tea Party is here to stay.